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Wizard101 Ice spells BY: Wizard101 Folio, You CAN check the full spells with details in our website in wizard101 ice spells article I show off all of the Wizard101 Ice spells that attack! Wizard101 Best ice Gear for level 130 BY: Wizard101 Folio, Come check out the latest news, contests, and. Receiving a 77.
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Facts. – Myth wizards start off with 425 health and gain 22 health per level up to a maximum of 1,500. This ranks only ahead of Storm in terms of overall health. – Myth spells have a mid-level accuracy (80%), being less that Life, Death, or Balance, more than Storm or Fire, and equal to Ice.

As for gear, usually dungeons are the "best" spot to go for good gear because allot of the stats on "Field" gear Lv.60+ on tends to be really bad, and crafting usually falls behin.
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  • Wizard101 is a family mmorpg, the game has won several rewards, and is recommended by kids, teens, and adults. ... Meteor Strike, and Blizzard. A life hat gives Unicorn. Then the robes give dispelling cards. The shoes give shields from level eight area. The hats alone cost around 10,000-11,000. So it will be tough to get these items. Good luck.
  • Selling Many Chars 5 Max Level wizards with up to date gear and pets. Level 150 Ice, Death, Storm, Fire, and Life. Price $: 300 TechnologyQueen, 6/16/22 Replies: 2 Views: 322 Last Reply: $300. 0. buy now ... Selling RARE 2009 WIZARD101 ACC-LVL140 ICE-LEVEL 35 DEATH-MANY RARE ITEMS. Price $: 280 Killstreak, 2/1/22 Replies: 2 Views: 666 Last ...
  • Level 130 For this level, you should get the paradox hat and boots, and get the ring from mimic in mirage secret battle. also, it is worth getting the cabalist wand, or the revered crafted wand is a good equivalent. Enjoy playing wizard101 new players! Wolf LegendSword-LvL 130 Wolf LegendSword-LvL 8 Daniel BattleShade-LvL 125 Wolf LegendSword-LvL 6
  • Gear is one to the most important aspects in Wizard101 to empower your Life Damage Wizard. In this guide, we will explain how to obtain the best gear for your Life Damage Wizard at Level 140, and Karamelle Expansion. We have several other Life Damage guides, including best stats to aim for on gear, pet setup, and deck setup.