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A false twin flame is a fair-weather relationship. They'll love you on their terms, but if there's a moment that you don't meet their expectations, you'll see a.
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Many people say that twin flames are people forged from the same soul but split in two. While a twin flame isn't as simple as one soul split down the middle, as we are whole on our own, twin.

No exceptions. Your twin flame is you. You are the same soul in two different bodies. There is you, and then there is everybody else in the universe. Anyone can be a soulmate, there is only one twin flame. You are the same being. If you are reading this, you're what's known as the Divine Feminine (chaser).
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  • Characteristic #1: Twin Soul relationships are magnetic, meaning they can both attract and repel. A twin flame connection can occur as inexplicable, positive pull that you feel toward someone. This attraction could take the form of instant sexual chemistry or a strange sense of familiarity. Maybe it's an overwhelming feeling</b> of curiosity.
  • When you are separated from your twin flame, that's when thoughts can become obsessive as you try to process everything that led to your separation in the first place. You start over analysing every single action and behavior, as well as blaming yourself or them for everything that went wrong. So, how do you stop these thoughts?
  • They are often ignoring because they don't want to have to open that can of worms and deal with that energy, and again, because then that would mean having to face their own emotions, which is something the matrix twin is very uncomfortable in doing, for the fear of what they would find there.
  • This is a common question we see in the twin flame community: How can I let go of my twin flame? From our perspective, twin flames are two aspects of one being — our literal other half. As we see it, we and our twin flames are a four-legged creature. So can you let go of your other half? And would you want to? When we get asked this question, what most people are really asking is: "How do ...
  • My twin flame said to me weeks before his death, "You know we have like a million days together, right?" and I trusted that. But we don't know when it's our time to go. So take nothing for ...