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2022. 7. 10. · Minify selectors with PostCSS.. Latest version: 5.2.1, last published: a month ago. Start using postcss-minify-selectors in your project by running `npm i postcss-minify-selectors`. There are 103 other projects in the npm registry using postcss-minify-selectors.
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Edit postcss.config.js file. When you install wpackio a postcss.config.js file is created for you. Edit it and replace it’s content with. Save it and you are good to go. Note that only when you run npm run build, the CSS files will be minified. It is not minified during npm start (development mode) to keep things fast.

postcss is what we're using the do the minifying, and cssnano and autoprefixer are plugins for PostCSS that tell PostCSS how to manipulate the CSS. cssnano comes with a bunch of built-in techniques for making CSS smaller, and autoprefixer adds those -webkit or -moz prefixes where necessary to make your CSS compatible with all browsers.
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  • postcss-minify-trbl . Minify top/right/bottom/left values. Install. With npm do:. npm install postcss-minify-trbl --save Example. This module will reduce top/right/bottom/left values where possible: Input h1 { margin: 10 px 20 px 10 px 20 px; } Output h1 { margin: 10px 20px; } Usage. See the PostCSS documentation for examples for your environment. ...
  • The Tailwind approach. Why you should enable JIT mode. A step-by-step guide to setting it up in 10 easy steps. Step 1: Create a new project by running this command. Step 2: Make sure to install npm. Step 3: Run the below. Step 4: Create a new folder called css and, inside it, create a styles.css file. Step 5: Create a new folder called dist ...
  • Type below command to install gulp-postcss: $ npm install gulp-postcss --save-dev. Since gulp-postcss is only a plugin to pipe CSS, now it's nothing special it can do, we need gulp-postcss ...
  • Remove duplicate lines from a list. Paste lines into the field, select any options below, and press Submit. Results appear at the bottom of the page. Note: Processing an extremely large list can slow your computer. See details here. Show Example. Hide Example. Personally, I use webpack-stats-duplicates. If you generate a stats.json from your build already, the following command
  • Autoprefixer: add browser prefixes. Since we don't want to rely on our node_modules in our root folder, let's install PostCSS CLI and Autoprefixer globally. Install: npm install -g postcss-cli autoprefixer. Run in terminal: postcss style.css -u autoprefixer --no-map -o style.css.