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Brethren and the Use of Computers. A lot of people think the Plymouth Brethren are dead against computers, which isn't true at all. In actual fact you will hardly find a Brethren business or home without computers. What they are really against is pornography, so they only use computers and cell phones that have restricted internet access and.
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Women/girls not allowed to speak during meetings, and can only join in hymns 20. The only musical instrument allowed in the home is a piano. ... Historically speaking, the Plymouth Brethren date back to the 1800s, but the modern congregations I am aware of in the mid-Atlantic region are floundering. I still attend church, but not one that is.

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  • Plymouth Brethren, community of Christians whose first congregation was established in Plymouth, Devon, England, in 1831. The movement originated in Ireland and England a few years earlier with groups of Christians who met for prayer and fellowship. Biblical prophecy and the Second Coming of Christ were emphasized. John Nelson Darby, a former clergyman in the Church of Ireland (Anglican), soon ...
  • Women were created to be the helpmates of men in the sacred bond of marriage and are responsible for the rearing of children and management of the household. One might think, therefore, that the Chapel variety of the Open Plymouth Brethren would embrace women on an egalitarian basis. This is not the case, however, as they also hold the same ...
  • The Christian movement popularly known as Plymouth Brethren had its origin in Dublin during the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars of the early nineteenth century. It sprang from two main sources.
  • A woman who was born into the third generation of cult followers has revealed how she had to learn basic tasks, such as turning on a TV, in
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