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requested by anonie: hi if you’re taking requests could you do an NCT Dream reaction to you crying while studying for exams because you’re stressed? thank you !. Mark Lee. my boi understands the STRESS; he debuted like 6 times and he has more comebacks and schedules than he can count bby is so overworked sometimes °(ಗдಗ。; i think you’re probably.
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How Nct U Would Act When They Have A Crush On You Nct 127& Dream: Telling Them You’re Ready To Date NCT Dream: Reactions to when another person confesses to their S/O Nct Dream: Their s/o having a bubbly personality NCT U: First Date NCT DREAM: Shy girl confessing to them NCT Dream’s reaction to finding out you’re Canadian and proud.

you (crush) gets kidnap by a member of EXO and reactions of the boys towards you. NCT 127 React to Their S/O Getting Hate. you (crush) gets kidnap by a member of EXO and reactions.
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  • A little baby, a little mix of you both, he would be thrilled and so proud. He’d tell the boys and his family and be jumping for joy, until someone pointed out how the fans might react and suddenly Ten would be pursing his
  • You need to stop over-reacting, you’ll get use to it.. I did.” “But Mom, he is so rude. I couldn’t get him to hold a simple coversation with me, so how am I going to have a relationship with him?” “You’ll have to figure that out. Your dad is looking for me, I have to go.” You stepped into the hotel room, heading to the bathroom.
  • you were visiting him backstage at one of nct’s concerts, making sure he ate and drank enough before going on stage. when one of the stylists called him he told you to stay where you are and that he would come back in a moment. you did as he said and walked over a few steps to sit down on the couch inside of the room. shortly after you sat ...
  • NCT 127 reaction - their crush's pet hates them. ️Taeil: He thinks your hamster is adorable, believes it resembles you a lot with its glossy doe eyes and cute cheeks. So imagine his shock when you place it in his hands, only for your pet to bite the side of his thumb!
  • getting you into the car was one of the hardest things mark swears he has ever had to do. literally, johnny had driven him and it took johnny literally lifted you up and placing you in the back seat. mark then watched as you began to slap his arms and ask him how he knew superman. as confused and worried for you he is, he can’t help laughing ...