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Answer (1 of 21): Majin Buu would win! In the first movie, Goku defeated Broly by borrowing power from Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan and Piccolo. Note that they were all in severly weakened state when they gave their power to goku but still their combined power was enough to.
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A light, warm touch slid lower down my hip. I gasped and squealed when he gave my bottom a gentle squeeze. The muffled noise of a squeaky door hinge carried into our room, through our closed door. "The boys are awake," I hissed with a frown, twisting to get away from my mischievous husband. Goku only chuckled but let me go.

Majin Buu (魔人ブウ, Majin Bū; lit. "Majin Boo"), later known as Mr. Buu (ミスター・ブウ, Misutā Buu; lit. "Mister Boo"), is the first form of Buu seen in the Dragon Ball series. Majin Buu takes many forms, all of which are linked below, and all of the forms are simply referred to as "Majin Buu" in the series, but the various forms get their common names from various Dragon Ball Z.
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  • Discover Majin Buu Merchandise & Clothing Collections 2021 includes: Hoodies, Shirts, Shoes, Cosplay & More at Dragon Ball Z Merch!. Shop offers the most beautiful item about Majin Buu is one of the most known characters in the famous Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z with awesome design, 100% new and high quality. See more great items about your favorite characters:
  • Majin Buu is an ancient creature who brought the universe to its knees before being sealed away on Earth, only to be unleashed by the wicked wizard Babidi. While highly dangerous, Buu was also as innocent as a newborn babe, a fact that Mr. Satan used to help reform him and transform him into a protector of Earth who is friendly to all around ...
  • There she meets a brave young man with a sword, and is given a chance at a new life. A Life as a hero. Now a member of the Time Patrol, Adora fights to preserve a history being changed by dark forces. Along the way she hopes to establish a new life, with new friends, in a new world foreign to her.
  • Majin Boo tốt là một thực thể của tinh khiết tốt, và rất tốt bụng, chu đáo, và vui tươi. Khi ông được hấp thụ bởi Boo xấu, những đặc điểm vui tươi và trẻ con của anh thể hiện ở Boo siêu cấp và Kid Buu tương ứng. Trong trận chiến thứ hai của mình chống lại Trunks ...