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Read as Ash tries to figure out his own feelings for his friend, while saving the world, goofing around and having some family quality time. (Kiawe x Ash) Warning! Contains sad topics and mental health issues, such as: -Anxiety and anxiety attacks; -Panic attacks; - Abandonment issues; - A lot of angst and more.
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Ash headed out of the room with Kiawe, as they had plans to train together after school. "I'll see you at home, Ash," Kukui called after him. Ash spun. "Right! See ya, Professor." He turned to Kiawe. "Let's go!" The two of them nearly ran out of the school. Kukui shook his head fondly. Those two really loved battling. Then he. by plane.

While this is not the first time Ash Ketchum has appeared in a video game, this is his first dedicated entry to a video game. The anime protagonist made their video game debut years ago.
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  • Soon after, a shadow leaped out of the bush towards the river. "WHOA!" Ash was caught very off-guard as he backed away from the shadow, slipping and falling to the ground. As he shook off the impact and disorientation, and regained his bearings, he looked to the shadow to figure out what it was. It was a Poliwag.
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  • Ash and Gladion have a bet; Ash has one week to make Gladion laugh and the winner gets whatever the winner wants. And Ash and Gladion are determined NOT to lose. I don't... pokemon oldfriends trustedpartnershipping +7 more # 3 Ash and Gladion short stories by sunsetsiren 63.6K 1.1K 27 Just a bunch of short stories I've come up with.
  • When Ash & Red landed at Kiawe's farm. "Ash." Kiawe called out as he ran towards them "Hi Kiawe." Ash greeted "Hey Red, it's good to see you again." A voice said. Ash saw a dark-skinned man & a pregnant dark-skinned woman "Hello Rango, Sima." Red greeted "I see you brought your son." Rango said "Yep, this is Ash." Red said "Hello." Ash said