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There are many ways to test an employee with a wide range of illegal substances. Tests are done by obtaining hair, blood, saliva, or urine specimens. Drugs tests look for the presence of illegal substances, such as the following: Hallucinogens, such as LSD. Marijuana. Methamphetamine. Opiates (heroin, codeine, fentanyl, morphine, oxycodone, etc.
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An inconclusive result could indicate low amounts of the virus in your system. That's why-though it can certainly be frustrating to receive an inconclusive result, particularly if you had imminent travel plans-when an inconclusive result occurs, you should continue to self-isolate until you can test again.

Inconclusive as a adjective means Not conclusive.. Dictionary Thesaurus Sentences Examples ... The definition of inconclusive is something that did not produce clear results or that did not resolve a question or dispute. If a study into the safety of a drug did not prove it either safe or unsafe, this is an example of an inconclusive study. adjective. 0. 0. Not conclusive, not.
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  • Inconclusive definition, not conclusive; not resolving fully all doubts or questions: inconclusive evidence. See more.
  • Inconclusive results. Every sample from a patient is tested to determine whether there is sufficient feto-placental DNA to provide a reliable result. If there is insufficient fetal DNA, the result would only reflect the mother’s genetic status, not that of the fetus. Our commitment to quality means that we will only provide a result when ...
  • The results of this systematic review give a fuller picture of the psychological impact of receiving inconclusive results and can help genetic counsellors, health professionals, and researchers to provide more support to this subgroup of patients, by providing adequate information about the meaning of inconclusive genetic test result and its ...
  • Your results were inconclusive and as a result you won’t be allowed to continue in the selection process because of it. An inclusive result may mean several things from being too nervous or just stalling the evaluator. That’s why it is classified as inconclusive by the examiner. The polygraph evaluator is saying based upon his/her knowledge ...