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2021. 9. 10. · Turn the ignition on while you hold the 0.0/SET button. Then you need to press the 0.0/SET button and hold it down and at the same time you turn on the car without starting the engine. Press the OK button to confirm. After that, it will ask us for inspection reset confirmation.
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The alarm will be triggered again if a person gains access to the same or a different secured zone after the alarm has been switched off. For example, if the tailgate is opened after a door had been opened. The anti-theft alarm will not be activated if the vehicle is locked from the inside using the central locking button.

2019. 9. 11. · What you’re going to need to do is safely: Turn the vehicle engine on. Rock the vehicle with your foot off the brake. Press the brake down when you have rocked toward the hill a bit. You want to “catch” it with the brake at the right time. This will take pressure off of the parking lock. Apply light pressure to the shifter.
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  • At the moment the locks made noise, VCDS only registered in the right rear door that the status changed from 'Locked' to 'safe', so the problem has to do with the SAFE system ?, currently the SAFE system is factory disabled . When I turn off the car and remove the key, the message 'check SAFE' always appears on the dashboard
  • Hi, problem with 2007 VW Citi Golf radio security code. The radio is in Lock-Out mode. You only get two attempts to enter the code, then it enters Lock-Out mode. Put the key in ignition and turn on the radio for an hour (maybe a bit more). The radio should reset itself after about an hour and then you can re enter the code.
  • The style, design and types of bar work available varies depending on the year and model of your Volkswagon Amarok. Your Volkswagon Amarok bullbar can be fitted at our factory in Midvale, Perth, WA, or shipped to your chosen regional fitter. We also offer a full two year warranty on materials and workmanship! CALL 08 9274 2511 GET A QUOTE.
  • To reactivate the automatic door lock on your Volkswagen Amarok, you will be able to go through your diagnostic socket. You will need to have a diagnostic tool and navigate through the menus to modify the linked option in the "sash menu".