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I saw a bit of movement in the distance, it appeared a group of rangers had just come out of the forest and another group was moving in. It seemed to be a simple change of patrols. The same thing happened with the guards at the checkpoint, they went inside the barracks before another group came out. That brought my mind to tomorrow.
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insertion: [noun] something that is inserted: such as. the part of a muscle that inserts. the mode or place of attachment of an organ or part. embroidery or needlework inserted as ornament between two pieces of fabric. a section of genetic material that is inserted into an existing gene sequence.

The moment she mentions his name, the book beside her emits a strange light. It's a big, thick auburn-colored book with some gold leaf decorations on it. But there ain't no pages in it- just a big hole in the middle when you open it. I've got the same exact book, see. It's some kind of card-storing book used for Divine Selection. Now we're talkin'.
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  • Back in the early twentieth century, goldleaf was used throughout the sign industry. Banks, even drugstores and hardware store windows all had gold leaf lettering. The Woolworth's signs were wooden letters gilded with gold leaf and set in a bed of glass smalts. From carriages to delivery trucks and fire apparatus there was gold leaf lettering.
  • Tools & Accessories → Keep Plants Happy; Pest & Disease Control → Eliminate Bugs & Pests; Harvest & Post Harvest → Keep Nugs Fresh; Fans & Ventilation → Maintain Good Air Flow
  • the fatal things happened - flamina was token by the water tribe to die her flame help diana get her back before its to late dia question and answer in the Sonic Fan Characters club
  • The story of what happened to Andy Mynarski on the fateful last operation on June 13th, 1945 is best told by Pat and I will use his words exactly as quoted in a Reader’s Digest interview from 1965. "As we crossed the French coast, I saw enemy searchlights sweeping the sky, then lazy puffs of smoke and deceptively pretty sunbursts of sparks.
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