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The native makes calm and peaceful efforts to influence enemies to get the work done and thus earns some money. The native with Moon in 12th House for Capricorn Ascendant gets success in disputes and court cases. The native wanders much and lives a disturbed life. The native is physically weak and narrow-minded.
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Astrology: Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon, Libra Rising for @jazzy-ann824.

Aries Sun Virgo Moon Gemini Rising – You come across as a communicative and sociable person. You like to talk and tend to be quite candid and beguiling in your speech. You may occasionally put your foot in your mouth or unwittingly offend others with your words.
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  • Sun signs are compatible with Sun & Rising signs. For example, someone you know with either a Sun or Rising sign of any of those you will be compatible as friends. Moon - Close Friends - LIBRA You are compatible to be close friends with: gemini, libra, aquarius, leo, aries Moon signs are compatible with Moon & Venus signs.
  • can you please make a moodboard for gemini sun, virgo moon, leo rising, aries venus, gemini mercury, sagittarius mars? i'm a female. Sorry requests are closed at the moment! requests are closed. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; theperpetua asked: Libra sun, Scorpio moon, Capricorn rising . Posted! Hope you love it :)
  • Virgo will want its partner to take shower right away and there, another trouble will begin. In astrology, the meeting of these two moon signs is called inconjunct. This means that they have no similarity with each other and thus, formation of love in their relationship will have to go through different stages of challenges. This explains why ...
  • Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries. You are quick as a cat, witty, versatile, mobile, both in mind and in body. You are a witty companion, a dangerous opponent, especially in a battle of words, for your retorts have a lightning-like speed and a sharpness of intention that can get through the thickest skin. Not a profound thinker or a careful student ...