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PDF. email. § 19.2-152.8. Emergency protective orders authorized. A. Any judge of a circuit court, general district court, juvenile and domestic relations district court or magistrate may issue a written or oral ex parte emergency protective order pursuant to this section in order to protect the health or safety of any person. B.
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I often get asked, can a Protective Order be removed? The answer is maybe. Hi my name is Eric Benavides and I'm a Texas criminal defense lawyer. I want to talk to you a bit today about protective orders on assault family member cases and specifically how you can potentially remove the order.

where you obtained your protective order. Either party can file a motion to amend an order. A judge will then review the motion and make a decision. Only the judge can change some or all of the terms of an order. If you wish to have the protective order extended past its expiration date,.
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  • Emergency Order of Protection If the Court has closed for business, Emergency Orders of Protection are granted by a judge in writing verbally, or telephonically to protect a person who is in imminent danger of domestic violence. Emergency Orders of Protection are available from local law enforcement agencies. If you are not in immediate danger, you can locate your local
  • 4. Create a safety plan. You are at your most vulnerable and in the most danger in the two weeks after you leave a violent relationship. An EPO is often one of the first steps in that process. It is critical that you have a safety plan in place before you file for your protective order.
  • 8 Ways A Restraining Order Can Affect You. By Sarah Long. Attorney. Restraining orders, also known as protective orders or orders of protection, are better known as tactical nuclear weapons in family law cases. A system that was designed to protect against abuse is itself being abused. The misuse of restraining orders by women when going through a divorce is one of
  • magistrate shall issue an order of emergency protection. The magistrate’s order is criminally enforceable. Violation of the order is a Class A offense under Tex. Penal Code § 25.07. 4.1 Predicate offenses. A magistrate’s order of emergency protection can issue after an arrest for a violation of: Tex. Penal Code § 22.11 (sexual assault);
  • An Emergency Protective Order, which is commonly abbreviated as EPO, is a legal order issued to a person who is reasonably believed to be in immediate danger in a domestic violence case. After a request by a law enforcement officer, the order is issued any time through a phone call to the judge. The order goes into effect once it has been ...