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Bob must’ve heard or realized early this design was worth power. Didn’t catch on in automotive design for years after. The later a3 nascar head looked similar to what he was doing. Top. ... Glidden had power secrets back then and no one has seemed to reveal them.
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He was a real Mopar guy and had couple of small block race cars, a 66 Valiant and a Duster Pro Stock chassis that he ran a 340 in Super Stock back in the early '80s. So I came across this crankshaft in his shed marked "340 3.250 stroke, 2" rod journal, Bob Glidden 79 Pro Stock" so I looked up Bob Glidden's successful '79 Plymouth Arrow that did.

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  • Bob Glidden was forced to drop his winning Cleveland engine program in 1982 when NHRA mandated 500ci and start a new R&D effort with the Boss 429 platform. It did fit into the EXP he was driving at the time but reportedly drove "like a fuel altered." Ford archives photo
  • How to say Bob Glidden in English? Pronunciation of Bob Glidden with and more for Bob Glidden.
  • Remembering Bob Glidden. Hall of Fame NHRA Pro Stock driver Bob Glidden passes away - NHRA - December 17, 2017. Our prayers for the entire Glidden family. Bob was a good man, a legend of our Sport, and he and Etta raised a great family. - Roger Young. DI CLASSIC: The Bob Glidden Interview - Drag Illustrated - December 17, 2017. ENCORE ...
  • The Undefeated 1978 Pro Stock Fairmont. The video has myself asking Bob questions, and him answering them. The original interview was from Competition Plus, Legend series. This is my favorite Bob Glidden car. I documented some earlier racing with Bob Racing racing Dyno Don at the 77 World Finals, Segway into the 1978 Pro Stock season.
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