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The lifetime of refresh tokens is relatively long for web apps and native apps (ex: 90 days). However, for single-page apps (spa), the refresh token will expire after 24 hours. Summary. Refresh Token Expiration; Revoke Refresh Token using PowerShell; Revoke Refresh Token using Microsoft Graph API; Revoke Sessions from Azure AD Portal; Revoke Sessions through.
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Jul 03, 2019 · The Azure command-line interface (CLI) is probably the second most-used tool after the web portal. The CLI runs on any platform and covers a wide variety of actions. Here is a command to create a new Virtual Machine: az vm create --resource-group Sample --name VM1 --image UbuntuLTS --generate-ssh-keys. If you use Azure for your day-to-day job ....

The consuming applications could keep the same endpoint and the token handling would still be done by the Azure AD . Once you have the Azure AD OAuth token coming in for every request - regardless of the intent (technical or personal access) - you can handle all the requests equally: you retrieve the user >SAML</b> (personal or technical) from the. <b>As</b> <b>a</b>.
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  • SSO Session Tokens - Default lifetime is 24 hours for Non-persistent Session Tokens & 180 days for Persistent Session Tokens As part of authentication process, when a user signs-in to Azure AD, an SSO session is created between Azure AD and the user's web browser. The SSO Token, essentially a cookie, characterizes this session.
  • To change the default token expiration timeframe when using Azure AD for authentication, you can do the following. First, if you haven’t yet, install the AzureADPreview PowerShell Module: Now, connect to Azure AD using an account that has access to manage App Registrations: After that, check and delete any policies that currently exist. After ...
  • Nov 27, 2019 · Change the token lifetime of an Azure AD application. Azure AD allows to configure custom token lifetime policies for the access and refresh tokens. In your tenant you might have the token lifetime policy set to 1 hour for access tokens and 90 days for refresh tokens. In some cases, you might want to change this policy for a dedicated Azure AD ...
  • Windows Dev Center Home ; UWP apps; Get started; Design; Develop; Publish; Resources . API reference; Downloads; Samples; Support
  • Would be possible to force a token invalidation in the backend from my mobile app ? Also I notice that my access token expires in one month, in spite of being set to 60 minutes in the Azure AD B2c Token Lifetimes. In the Access & ID Token lifetimes (minutes) the 60 minutes is default value but is being ignored. Thanks in advanced. Regards, David