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daybreak. Originally posted by san-hwa. ateez seonghwa x gender neutral reader, established relationship. prompt: Kisses exchanged while one person sits on the other’s lap. word count: 421 words. warnings: unedited, this turned suggestive very quickly lol. a/n: thank you for sending this request in, I hope you enjoy this very short piece.
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ATEEZ confessing - reaction “NEUTRAL!READER X ATEEZ ” genre: fluff, romance. thorsdreams — NEUTRAL!READER X ATEEZ genre: fluff, romance. 1.5M ratings ... black ink. i like you so much it said. you couldn’t believe San actually liked you. you never thought your feelings could be reproached by the beautiful man. but there you were.

@hongjoongscftie said: “Hey :) first thing,I hope you’re having an amazing day!And secondly,could I maybe request an ateez reaction? I was thinking of the ateez members being insecure about something on themselves (like voice,looks,etc) and reader is telling them that there’s nothing to worry about,and that they love them just how they are,and that they always will be there for.
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  • Anon request: "ateez reaction to their black s/o receiving so much hate on social media from fans that their mental health is deteriorating? how would ateez take care of the situation/reassure you/or maybe even end the relationship for your sake"
  • Sirène | Ateez x Reader Mother_Atiny. Summary: Y/n, a young mermaid has temporarily lost her powers and tail, but when all hope seems lost, she meets a band of young pirates who are willing to help her get them back. ... You were sitting in the lookout with Jongho when they arrived, a black shawl wrapped around your delicate shoulders. "Look ...
  • This was my story to a painful past and a misery future. - M/n. ateez ateez x male reader atiny ateez hongjoong ateez mingi male reader ateez angst ateez reactions ateez horror. Jongho x male reader. Originally posted by king-larry-16. - Jongho x male reader. - warning: angst I cried while writing it.
  • Happy Birthday - San x Jimin x Ftm Male Reader (M) Kinkcember Day 21-AtT Verse WooSan (M) Crimson & Magenta - Incubi! San x Seonghwa x Fem!Reader (M) Parapraxis- San x Fem Reader (M) [ 9:45 P.M] - Prince Albert Piercing! Mingi x Ungendered Reader (M) My Brother, The Greatest- No Pairing, Mingi & Big Brother!
  • Black (kpop x reader yandere fanfics) 4 parts Ongoing YANDERE KPOP ONES SHOTS Read at your own risk. May contain disturbing content. There is dipiction... 8 yandere stepbrother x reader 11 parts Ongoing a cheerful girl but she gets intense whatever it get to bully's but until she met her 8 stepbrother... 𝐌𝐎𝐍𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒 11 parts Complete